A very incredible field of study which was popular several hundred years ago has re-emerged in the modern day. The study, is now called Cosmobiology.  This field of research studies the effects that the astronomical spheres have on the human body. 

It is certain that the sun has an obvious effect on the health of our bodies. Our bodies receive important energies from the sun, producing melatonin and Vitamin D in our bodies. In fact, all plants receive energy from the sun in various spectrums of light. When we eat various herbs and vegetables we are actually putting various rays of beneficial sunlight into our bodies. 

It is pretty commonly known that the moon affects the human body as well. Human beings are composed of a large amount of water, and the effect  of the moon on the tides of the ocean is tremendous. The moon has an effect on the human mind and it’s been rumored for years that more babies are born under a full moon. 

However, not just the sun and moon radiate energy. All the other stellar bodies do as well. Cosmobiology seeks  to answer the question of,  what affect do the stellar radiations have on human health? Various researchers believe that when each person is born, they have a unique imprint on their bodies which is connected to what radiations were striking their human bodies at that particular time. It is claimed by some, that because various plants take in various spectrums of light and block out others, (which is turn, give them their coloration) that, special blends of various herbs and vegetables can be created which will help people receive more of that particular frequency or energy, or spectrum of light that was lacking when the imprint was made on their body when they were born. Leonardo Divinci mapped out the entire body and actually showed what parts of the body he believed were affected by which particular heavenly bodies.

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