Mother Kepler's Golden Telescope

Mother Kepler’s Golden Telescope is a song about Katharina Kepler and her son the world famous astronomer, Johannes Kepler

The song focuses on the idea of how important of a role she,  as a mother, may have played in history. It calls to remembrance the often forgotten fact that whenever a world changing personality comes on the scene, there are always many other people behind that person who contributed to the betterment of the world. In many cases, this has been Mothers. So, this song is in honor of parents,  and Mothers in particular. 

This song is, like the others,  done in Pythagorean tuning. It’s timing is in proportion to universal timing at 108 bpm. It is very close to being laid out according to the mathematical principles of the Golden proportion. The Golden proportion second of the composition falls within the bridge of this song at 3:04. 

As far as the microcosmic percussion elements in this composition, There is actually a very subtle pulse behind the second verse of this song. It is actually the reproduction of a rhythmic pattern of the universe recorded by the Kepler space telescope. 

In addition to this Kepler sound connection, there is another. At the end of the song there are tones that can faintly be heard playing behind the songs ending. These are actually tones created by researchers at Yale. 

Johannes Kepler had written down in his historic journals, the precise orbital mathematics of the planets in our solar system and had found that these mathematical orbital patterns were exactly the same as the mathematical properties of music. 

Yale researchers took Kepler’s mathematical planetary orbital information and transposed it into audible tones and notes. An actual excerpt of this Yale production can be heard playing behind the ending of this particular song. As you listen to it,  you  are actually hearing a microcosm of the music of the spheres spoken of by Kepler.


Kepler's’ Mother took his hand and led him out one night. There she pointed out to him a comet's tail so bright. Daddy took him out to see a silvery shining moon.  Its radiant beams stretched down to Earth like strings that played a tune. 

Mother Kepler's golden telescope. She looked into her young boy's eyes. There she could see the inner universe, that lay there veiled behind the guise. 

As he grew, that Magi night burnt brightly in his soul. Like Zoroaster's ziggurat, it flamed, yet, in control. Then perhaps one starry night, he knew what he must do. Go to work for the man with the golden nose, to bring the song he heard to you. 

Mother Kepler's golden telescope. She looked into her young man's eyes. There she could see the inner universe, that laid there veiled behind the guide. 

Even now, on the ziggurat, there burns an ancient flame. They sent a telescope to space that bore young Kepler's name. It took so long to finally see what Mother Kepler knew.. The wonders of the galaxies in a child's eyes so true. 

Mother Kepler's golden telescope. Her kindness changed the world its true. Can you tell me friend, what you will see, in the children as their eyes look up to you?

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