The Ancient Alchemists and The Secrets Of Sacred Metals

Throughout the centuries, there have been those who have practiced the art of alchemy. Alchemy is said to have originated in ancient Egypt. The practice spread from Egypt to Greece and then on to Rome and the rest of the world. 

Alchemists tried to turn base Metals into gold. They also tried to make special concoctions as medicines and eventually even started to try to create an elixir which would bring them immortality. 

There were legends of a man named Elias who some believed actually succeeded in creating an elixir of immortality. Some claimed that he would appear in various places in history over a span of hundreds of years. 

There were also some who believed that the true purpose of alchemy was a spiritual one. They basically believed that man could be transformed into a higher being by transforming their minds. 

There was a great persecution of Alchemists during certain time periods. Due to this, many Alchemists formed secret societies and communicated to one another in cryptic languages, codes and symbols.

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