The Lifting of The Musical Veil

Those who have ears to hear can begin to hear the remote echoes of a great symphony of the ages unfolding within the composition. 

It’s time for a new type of music with a new type of mindset. It can be sensed that it is overdue. The expectant vibrations of it can be felt permeating through the atmospheres. The time draws near in which a new type of music begins to surface in the consciousness of those tuning in to its broadcast. 

Ancient sages, such as Pythagoras spoke of a more highly evolved music which would one day return to consciousness by dawning within the perception of certain inhabitants of the earth. Individual beings would begin to more fully pattern their music according to unseen universal laws. These compositions then, could, under the right conditions, become radiant manifestations of higher proportion and order. 

Art, music, philosophy, architecture and etc., are not in and of themselves necessarily beautiful. It is only as they reflect the perfect proportions that lay beyond them in the world of the sprit that they become beautiful. 

In order to truly successful at art of any kind, one must go beyond the immediate beauty of it. The essence of the beauty of art, is not held by chains to music, paintings, architecture, or in any of the forms it finds expression in. It exists completely independent of them. 

Art forms, if subjected correctly to the higher laws, may begin to reflect realities beyond this planet.  It is at that time that one may get a fleeting glimpse into the perfect world of order and form which is hidden beyond the veil.

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