Secret Codes, Ciphers, and Messages Hidden Within Starboard Quest Compositions

There is yet another unique aspect to Starboard Quest  Compositions. This is a level which is both beneath the music’s surface, and within the structure of the music itself. 

The compositions contain a series of mathematical codes and structures which have been purposely placed within the pieces. Secret ciphers, and hidden vibrational messages are buried within the music which would not be consciously known, unless they were pointed out. 

In other words, imbedded right into the Compositions, are small scale microcosms of universal laws and principles, not immediately recognized by the conscious mind. 

It is hoped, that by taking universal principles and mathematical codes from the universe above, and placing them in audible symbolic representations of them in music on Earth, that a sympathetic correspondence will be created from the merger between the two. 

What is meant by sympathetic correspondence? This can be best explained by a simple illustration. If you have two tuning forks, and you strike only one of them, so that it vibrates and sends out a tone, and then in turn bring a second  non struck tuning fork close to the vibrating one, do you know what will happen? 

If the second tuning fork is similar in structure and composition to the first struck tuning fork, the second fork, which has not been struck, will begin to vibrate in a sympathetic vibration to the first one, ringing out the same tone as the first. 

In similar manner then, if mathematical musical structures are constructed on earth which are closely patterned after stellar structures of the universe, could not something similar happen? The possibility exists, that harmonic universal energy coming through space could find expression in a corresponding mathematical/ musical structure on Earth. 

A look at the linear notes will provide an insight into some of these principles which have been placed within the musical structures of Starboard Quest compositions.

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