Microcosmic Music

The music of Starboard Quest is not just simply the result of putting music through the seven steps of an alchemical sound process, and building it according to the rules of a seven layered sound pyramid, It is in some instances, also adding the greater elements from universal macrocosms into the music by condensing them into symbolic musical microcosms. 

To explain this further, here is an illustration. As a child, do you remember taking a magnifying glass , and focusing the light of the 864,000 mile wide sun into  a small point of light on a piece of paper? The pinpoint of light on the paper was what is called a microcosm. A small scale model of the entire  sun itself. 

In similar manner, this is what is attempted musically speaking, with Starboard Quest music. The universe contains within it, the mathematical properties of music. An attempt is made at taking these higher mathematical musical realities from the greater universe, and placing them in symbolic form within the actual composition. 

These songs have, within their structure encoded cryptic messages. In other words they contain hidden mathematical information specially placed there. These pieces of music will probably be enjoyed the most by contemplative individuals that like to go beyond the surface level of music. This musical endeavor is a quest, a Starboard Quest to find those rare individuals who enjoy both the inner and outer qualities of music.

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