The seven Leveled Pyramid of Sound

The music of Starboard Quest is not specifically designed to be traditional commercial music, although there is no opposition to being played on radio stations. It is designed to be a mind expanding force in the world of sound. The music draws its elements from an eight leveled sound pyramid. 

Within the music, out of the ordinary techniques are applied. Some of them may have never been used before, or, perhaps, they have been used before, but have not all been used simultaneously in one composition. Within the music, at least some of the layers of sound out of the eight leveled sound pyramid are used. 

In other words, this music is designed to be an adventure in sound. It is designed to try to broaden the listeners perception of what may be possible in the world of music and sound. It was not written to be something people are dancing to at a local dance club. 

The compositions are written to be microcosms of higher realities. They demonstrate just a few of the techniques out of an infinite range of possibilities and combinations that could be applied. These compositions are only musical seeds, which being planted, could unfold into a whole new way of looking at music itself. They are not made to be an end in themselves, but are made to be beginnings. 

Here is a further  example and explanation to break this down into specifics. In this particular style of music, various beneficial frequencies may be hidden within the soundscape. Many of the healing aspects of these frequencies were discovered by a man named  Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. He is best known in the medical field for having invented the electron microscope. He spent his life chronicling which specific frequencies helped cure certain ailments. We have access to his charts and implement them in certain soundscapes. We don’t stop there. 

Using beneficial frequencies in music is not all that unusual. It’s been done thousands of times. However, this is just one facet of this type of music. It’s just one of the levels  of sound. 

To build on this, let’s talk about implementing a second level of sound, the  tuning of the instruments. Most of the time, they will be tuned to Pythagorean tuning. This is a type of tuning, which is also called 432 hertz tuning. It resonates with, and is compatible with the mathematics of the universe. 

Level three consists of timing. The timing for Millennial/Aquarian music is based on precision mathematics. The beats per minute in these compositions is always done in a manner which is consistent with a multiple of the universal timing of 432. For instance, a number of the songs are done with a timing of 108 beats per minute from the metro dome. The number 108 being one quarter of the number 432

Level four in the sound layers of this type of music are natural sounds from the environment of the planet itself. It was believed by many of the musical luminaries of the ages,that all of nature is making music. Therefore, these types of natural sounds are also put into the sound recordings of the compositions of Starboard Quest. 

Level five in the pyramid of sound has to do with instrumentation. The instrumentation in these compositions goes beyond what is normal in most (not all) of modern music. For many years, people have heard predominantly bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar and standard drums consisting of snare, bass and tom drums. 

This type of music uses a wider variety of instruments. For example, the listener may hear rhythm icons, glockenspiels, dulcimers, and instrumentation voicing far more obscure than the aforementioned instruments. 

Level six consists of left right brain synchronization. There is the possibility of synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain through sound and music. It is not a consistent practice in the compositions, but one which has been considered. 

Level seven consists of rhythms. The basic rhythms in these pieces of music are ones that have introduced themselves to us throughout our lifetimes. They have been demonstrated for thousands of years They are actual rhythms found in nature and the universe. There are no backbeats, which are the standard rhythms in both rock and pop musicin this music, whatsoever. Therefore, this is absolutely a New genre of music, known as Millennial/Aquarian and cannot be classified as either rock, pop, hip hop, nor any other genre of music previously known. 

As far as added percussion instruments there are also orchestral drum rolls and such percussion as keyboard voicings of kettle drums, tabrets, thunder, and etc etc.  these are just rolls, not natural rhythms from creation. 

The aforementioned 7 levels in the sound pyramid are leading to, yes, you guessed it, the eighth level. Picture these seven levels of sound being symbolic of 7 notes in a music scale. 

Even though The eighth level is absolute silence, hopefully for you, it will become a new Octave  of music.  One in which you will rise an octave above music that can be audibly experienced. It is at this level, after the physical music has played that the real music begins. This is the point where your mind begins to contemplate the musical ideas which both at a conscious and unconscious level have been presented to you. 

As the universe is constantly expanding, so will our musical minds be constantly expanding. Hopefully, we can ascend from Octave to Octave. 

Those are the eight levels in the sound pyramid of Millennial/Aquarian music as composed and recorded by Starboard Quest.

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