Deep Calls To Deep

The instruments in this song are tuned in Pythagorean tuning ( also known as 432 hertz tuning). 

Although the length of time  that this composition is, appears to change according to what electronic media you are listening to it on, its actual total  length is 4:32. It’s rate of meter, is 216 beats per minute, which is one half of the universal number 432

The song is laid out, at least in some of its fabric, according to certain principles of sacred geometry. For instance, the composition is 272 seconds long (4:32). If you multiply 272 x 168, you will find that the Golden proportion section is 168 seconds into the song (or 2:48 in). 

As you listen, if you time the piece, you will discover that 8 seconds (which I will use as a symbol of the 8 notes you must sound to reach a new Octave) before you reach the Golden mean point of the length of the composition, there is a change in the composition. The vocals then  ascend within this musical change going up several notes so that they reach the highest note in the stanza exactly at 168 seconds (or 2:48) into the piece which is the exact Golden proportion point of the song. 

Also, if you listen to the cymbal strikes going into the song, and count them in groups of four, you will find examples  of vocal or instrumental changes taking place either on, shortly before, or shortly after Fibonacci numbers 3, 5, 8, 13 and 21. 

The general percussion is placed within the composition with a pulse used by the Greek poet Homer and other ancient inspired poets called dactylic hexameter. This particular meter, was recognized by the ancients as being a meter which is proportional to the poetic rhythmic meter of the universe. It consists of a meter which follows a rhythmic pulse of  three measures Long, short, short, followed by a pause of silence which fills in what would be the fourth measure. 

If a person were to inhale, on these percussion sequences, and exhale during the pause of silence, such as they are placed within the timing of this song, they would breath 25,920 times in a day. This number is significant, because, it is the exact number of years that it takes our sun to orbit the galactic center. Therefore, if you were to breath according to that sequence, you would be breathing in tandem with the rhythmic pattern of the universe. 

The second underlying rhythm of this piece, was discovered by Astroseismologists at the University of Lancinshire. When the verses of this song are being sung, you will hear a second subtle rhythm being played beneath the galactic, dactylic hexameter. This is a rhythm of divine origin, which is actually the reproduction of an internal rhythm of a Star catalogued by astroseismologists. 

As far as the instrumentation of this piece goes, Part of the actual instrumentation of this song, are actually planets. NASA has actually recorded radio transmissions coming from planets. These have been transposed into audible tones in order to understand them. Some of the tones within this piece that sound like musical instruments, are actually the sounds of planets which have been carefully placed within the composition and become a part of the music.


You are being monitored, you have been observed.  This world is just a testing ground which human subjects serve. The watchers are observing you, yet mortals never know, human conduct’s being watched by the eyes of those that know. 

Calling to deep.  Calling to deep.. Calling to deep. Deep calls to deep. 

Behind the scenes, they pull the strings to guide affairs of men. They're going to sweep down from the skies, and take some home again. We're sending out an S.O.S. and hoping they'll soon show, to come and whisk us far away, from this island of lost souls. 

Calling to deep. Calling to deep. Calling to deep. Deep calls to deep. 

My Father, my Mother, my Sister, and my Brother. 

My Father, my Mother, my Sister and  my Brother. 

My/ Father, my other, my Sister, and my Brother. 

My Father, my Mother, my Sister, and my Brother. 

Cast aside the chains that hold you down. Break the shackles from your feet. The darkness can no longer hold you captive. Awake to the new day. Harken to the call of the upper worlds.

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