Symphony Of Sonic Ascent

The Symphony of Sonic Ascent is an epic composition. Through its imagery, it takes listeners from the ocean depths upward through various atmospheric strata and beyond. 

The composition utilizes natural rhythms such as heartbeats, hoofbeats, wing flaps and pulsars and mixes them with natural sounds and instruments. Part of the melody of this composition is dream inspired. This piece of music, as all, is done in Pythagorean tuning.

It’s timing is set at 108 bpm as well. There are specific frequencies placed in the subconscious underlay of this music, designed to resonate the various energy centers of the body. These start at the lowest center and ascend to the highest as the composition builds.


Silent beauty now awakens, many leagues beneath the sea. Priceless treasure, now awaiting. Invading light reveals the hidden worlds. 

And now the sun is shining in the shadows of the deep. And now the sun is shining in the shadows of the deep. 

There’s a ship down in the harbor. Gonna sail across the sea of time. All of those who climb on board, will live and never die, and the light from the lighthouse, is shining in the northern sky, and the Navigator leads me, against the tides of time. 

Goodbye Earth, hello sky. 
Goodbye Earth, hello sky. 
Goodbye Earth hello sky. 
Goodbye Earth, good bye sky. 

Deep in the universe, far beyond the veil of the sky. Was it there, I seen your face? Did we laugh as a million years passed by? 

See them fly. Through the universal sky. Tell the Milky Way good bye. Beyond the stellar chimes. Step outside of time. The gates of heaven shine.

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