The Starboard Quest Concept

A simple explanation of the Starboard Quest concept, is that it is a musical message in a bottle for the future. 

This type of music is symbolic of a new genre of music called Millennial/ Aquarian. Yet, some of the elements of its basic ideas have been talked about in small circles for centuries. The music has rules and set patterns it is composed and governed by. 

Perhaps those who are confined to modern ways and genres will not understand it. This type of music is only for a certain niche of people. It is not known how accepted it will be in this current time period. It is possible that this type of music which is designed to speak to all five senses, and then even more, to the invisible parts of people will be understood at some remote time. It is possible that within its structure are hints of some elements which will be present in music in future ages. 

View this music as a seed, whose concepts being planted in the minds of a person may not come into fruition until many seasons into the future. 

Much of the music of the modern day is designed to speak to the lower, more beastly nature within the human race. The concepts behind these new compositions are designed to speak to the more contemplative parts of people. Through time, there have been a number of individuals who did not see music as something for entertainment only, but rather, viewed it as a sacred science. 

One who listens to these compositions may state that they don’t hear anything in these pieces of music that sounds any different than anything else. That being the case, they need only to look through the linear notes and examine the elements within the microcosmic compositions. The difference will then be obvious. 

It’s true that there are thousands of songs in this world that would be better to dance to than these. These songs are not designed for modern dancing. Rather, they are designed to be danced to in a sacred dance by the deeper parts of people. It’s dance is in union with the dance of the universe. 

Part of the reason that these songs are not good for modern dancing, is because the compositions contain no backbeats, no driving beats, no overpowering beats, nor stopped aneseptic beats prevalent in modern pop or rock music. In fact, percussion is used in ways in these pieces that are the direct OPPOSITE of the ideas of modern music. 

One of the traits of Millennial/Aquarian music is that complex microcosms are placed within a composition which has surface simplicity. The complex information, which is placed in a simple container can be illustrated easiest by the illustration of the geometric shape of a pyramid. 

The geometric shape of a pyramid, may on the surface, appear to be just a plain and simple shape. Further investigation will reveal however, that there is deeper information inherent within the shape. Information that is connected with astronomy, geometry, history, mathematics, and many other fields. 

Due to the  general musical mindset of listeners in the current time period, it is questionable as to whether the value of these types of compositions will be immediately understood. 

In time, other music, in the world, demonstrating wrong concepts and patterns in music, may bring to light that which is right in this new type of music. A true picture will then emerge, as in a dark room where both the negative and the positive come together to give  the true picture seen on a photograph.

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