Universal Clock Man

Universal Clock Man is a song by Starboard Quest about a Clock maker trying to encapsulate the mechanisms of the zodiac above into a small clock below called, “The golden Round”. 

The song is perhaps inspired by conversations between retired Yale music professor Willie Ruff and one of the members of Starboard Quest. 

Professor Ruff succeeded at transposing the mathematical measurements of the orbits of the planets of our solar system into audible tones and frequencies (see Willie Ruff discography, “Harmony of the World”). 

“Universal Clock Man “ was recorded in Pythagorean tuning. It’s timing was set at 108 bpm. That number being one quarter of the universal number 432. The Rhythm for the piece was the ticking of a clock. There were horse hoof beat rhythms incorporated during a certain portion of this piece. The extra percussion was free of backbeats.


Once upon a time in a village far away. There lived a man who tried to bring the stars to Earth each day. 

He watched them as they made their way above his little town, and wished that he could place them within the Golden round. 

He could see celestial spheres a shining down, dazzling gems a sparkling in the northern crown. 

He gathered wheels and pendulums, gadgets and gears that he loved. In golden round he’d reconstruct what he had seen above. Sitting there so patiently he labored night and day, and charted mechanisms of the zodiac to light his inventions way. 

Then, fluttering wings of Pegasus did give him flight. A microcosm in the golden round of the clock of lights. 

It was sublime. He tried to capture time. To put it in a box and there contain it, and though he somewhat failed, his aspirations sailed. He knew that one fine day he’d rise above it. 

High in the village clock tower, the north wind blew there cold. Countless worlds through swirling snowflakes, his eyes did there behold, and he knew that he was growing old. And that soon, he’d fly away. 

One day Clock Man left his shop and the planet green and blue. His heart just stopped ticking and then all his clocks did too. He traveled universal clock and rang its highest chime. Then disappeared into a mystic world beyond the veils of time. 

And then they rang the golden bells, and then he entered in, and he finally understood just why his life on Earth had been. 

He stepped beyond the veil. Into the blue he sailed. To capture time he failed, but now he found that time could not contain him. 

Universal clock man 
Universal clock man 
Universal clock man 
Universal clock man

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