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Website visitors should note that although better health and higher idealistic forms of music, are being reached towards, flawless expertise in any of these areas is not being claimed. Nor, is this site necessarily the place you needed to go to to get this information. Some rather fantastic and lofty musical and health ideas are being presented here.  At times, inspiring language is used in the articles on this website making confident statements of high ideals. Don’t let this shake you. This website is not a state recognized medical or musical authority. This is realized. It should be noted however, that big dreams are encouraged. Obviously, everyone is just learning. 

Neither is it being said that a place of final knowledge in either of these fields is anywhere even close to being reached. A lot of study has gone into this, over many years. There are interesting points, products, educational articles, links and compositions on this website. If you can be helped or inspired by anything done here great! If not, it is suggested that you approach those far more advanced and knowledgeable. No medical or musical claims to flawless absolute expertise in any field are being presented. That being said, lets  sail in the direction of understanding more. Some of the knowledge from some of histories greatest minds has been presented in this site.

Essential Oils


Celestial Monochord: 
A mood elevating tea 
Ginko Leaf, Hibiscus Flower, Eleuthera Root, Gotu Kola Herb, Parsley Flakes, Alfalfa Leaf, Bilberry Leaf, and Ginger Root.

Culpeper Planetary Tea:  
Promotes well being 
Chamomile, Peppermint leaf, Indian Green Tea, Skullcap Herb, Wood Betony Herb, Catnip Leaf, and Stevia Leaf.

Celestial Monochord



Sir Isaac Newton Chromotherapy Spectacles
  • Sir Isaac Newton Chromotherapy Spectacles

Sir Isaac Newton Chromotherapy Spectacles


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Enjoy the beneficial effects of color therapy

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