The Celestial Monochord

The Celestial Monochord is a song about a conceptual musical instrument. This idealistic instrument was conceptualized by Pythagoras.  It was a way of charting out all of the various levels of outer space and of Earths atmosphere to be able to demonstrate his belief that all the different levels were vibrating at different frequencies and producing specific musical notes. This was a conceptual instrument similar to Plato’s bowl instrument. (See educational heading and esoteric music chart section). 

This song also deals with the idea that Pythagoras had, that everything in all of creation is singing. He believed that because mankind was caught up in the illusion of material existence, they were deafened to its sound. He believed that one day, when certain ones were liberated from the sense limitations of the lower worlds, the song would once again begin to dawn within the consciousness of certain ones. 

The song, “The Celestial Monochord” explores this concept. Interestingly enough, this song is tuned to Pythagorean Tuning, is timed at a universal bpm timing, and is also structured so that a notable change takes place at the Golden proportion point of this song within one second. 
It is notable, that when the 39 second narration is excluded, the actual song is 6:18 long. The number .618 is the number you multiply the total seconds of a length of time by to discover  the Golden mean. 

This composition, is meant to be a microcosm of ages of time as well. The music style of the song starts out with instrument voicing similar those used in Ancient Greece, and sounds similar to Greek Folk music, such as in the days of Pythagoras, and later Plato and Socrates. 

As the composition moves forward, it progresses into further musical ages of time and metamorphosis into the classic music styles of Bach and Beethoven’s time. 

Finally, as the listener moves forward in their sonic journey, they progress forward into an epic movie soundtrack type sound. However, even as the more modern sound comes in, and the power increases, there are no backbeats, such as is common in modern music. Also, there are no distorted instruments used in this recording, such as is the common practice of Starboard Quest compositions.


Note the timeless place to go.  Anthems play from days of old.  Listen now, it's drawing near. In the emerald atmosphere. There where ocean meets the sky, song birds sing from paradise.  Stretched from stars down to the shore, is celestial monochord. 

Once upon a future past.  Songs shone through a darkened glass.  Shining light, they gave to man.  Darkness aimed to hide the plan. In the silence, hope has sung, of songs which were, and yet shall come.  Earth will sing and songs will swirl. High above the lower worlds. 

And the song, concealed away for centuries, shall come forth, and all shall know the symphony. When there dawns upon the world a new reality, and it's notes shall scale the heights of immortality.. 

There is a light that shines in the darkened night, and a song that emanates from paradise.  When at last, weve cast aside the chains of night. Climb aboard the wings, the golden harp of flight.

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