Millennial Aquarian music

In the flavor of the classical composers, comes a new revolutionary music, perhaps destined to change the comprehension of the nature of music in some listeners. 

Millennial Aquarian music is a new style of music which is inspiring in concept, and mathematical in design. Millennial Aquarian music is orchestral sound design, and other natural instrument. It contains elements of ancient, classical, Epic Movie Soundtrack, and healing frequency music. It also incorporates some of the strongest elements of modern music. It is a new frontier in the world of sound. 

Millennial Aquarian music holds to higher standards than most modern music. It is recorded according to strict, mathematical and vibrational laws which it follows. Non of the compositions of this rare and special new type of music contain rock music beats. 

This music is free of any stopped aneseptic beats, which some claim weaken the human body. Instead, natural rhythms are used. For example, rhythms found in nature, or even rhythms recorded by NASA which are actual rhythms of the universe. 

Millennial Aquarian music attempts to draw from the wisdom of Pythagoras, utilizing 432 hertz tuning, which is actually in sync with the mathematics of the movements of the solar system. 

In addition to different tunings and rhythm, some of the music made by Starboard Quest has special frequencies placed in it. 

Behind this music is a deep underlying interest in the teachings of Johannes Kepler, and his understanding of the music of the spheres. The vibrational studies of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein as well as Raymond Royal Rife are also a major influence on the mind set of Starboard Quest. 

Millennial Aquarian music may begin to plant musical seeds in the ears of the listener, which perhaps hint of the direction that music could take over the next 1000 years. It is a music that is designed to help heal the body, lift the spirit and invigorate the mind.

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