Granny's Golden Stairway

Granny’s Golden Stairway is a musical microcosm of the great universal golden spiral found in all living things. 

This song, like a few other Starboard Quest songs, is actually structured and laid  out according to a universal artistic pattern known as the Golden mean, or the Golden proportion. 

As this song reaches its Golden proportion point, you will find, that the song makes use of its stairway metaphor. For, several seconds before the point of the Golden mean, the listener will begin ascending up a series of 8 ascending musical steps. When the climax of these 8 ascending musical steps is reached, you will find that you have reached the 2:48 point in the song which is exactly the precise second of the Golden proportion. 

This composition is, as other Starboard Quest compositions, tuned to Pythagorean tuning and is timed to 216 BPM which is one half of 432. On a number of electronic media, the composition appears to vary in length, however, the piece is 4:32 long.


Do you want to know a secret? Granny's still alive, though her body's in the grave. In my mind,  I seen her, climb the cosmic ladder. Heard a clitter clatter on the spiral golden stairway. 

She climbed, climbed, climbed the golden stairway. Children don't you cry, Granny's gone up yonder. She climbed, climbed, climbed the star-lit ladder. Did I hear her laughing, singing, as she went along? 

As she lye upon her death bed, did I hear the harps sounding from afar? Breezing through my mind like an ancient whisper, sounding through the mountains of a distant star. 

Time to climb the golden stairway. time to trod the glitter of milky way shine. All the silver bells a ringing. Anchored in their settings with golden chimes. 

The timepiece yonder is ticking. Ticking the days of life away. Celestial hourglass ever growing empty, the sifting sands of time, the golden grains. Are you ready to take your journey? To leave this world with its frets and cares? To give your ticket to the Mystic Porter, as he guides you ever up, the golden stairs. 

Climb, climb, climb the golden stairway, children dont you cry, Granny's gone up yonder. She climbed, climbed, climbed the cosmic ladder. Did i hear her laughing, singing, as she went along?

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