The Number 108 and Musical Timing

The microcosmic music of Starboard Quest contains unique timings that are somewhat compatible with the measurements of the universe. 

Here is just one example to aid in the understanding of what is being conveyed here. 

Some of the compositions are recorded with a timing of 108 BPMs (or, beats per minute) the number 108 is one quarter of the number 432

Some claim that the number 108 is found in universal measurements. They would site the fact that the Earth is close to being 93,000,000 miles from The Sun. The diameter of the Sun is around  864,000 miles wide. If you take the diameter of the Sun  and multiply it by 108, (864,000 x 108 = 93,312,000) here you have a number, which rounded to its nearest million shows you the approximate distance from the Sun to the Earth. 

The Earth is just under 8,000 miles wide. So, if you take 8,000 and multiply it by 108 it equals 864,000 which is close to being the diameter of the Sun. 

Then, it has also been pointed out that 108 times the diameter of the moon (2160 miles) is close to being the distance from the moon to the Earth. In figuring all this though, you have to remember that the moon is never, on any given day the same distance from the Earth. The moon comes as close as 225,623 miles from Earth, and on a certain day is as far away as 252,088 miles. Therefore, if you take 2,160 x 08 = 233,280. You will find that on a certain day, at a certain time the moon is actually that distance from the Earth. 

In using universal measurements to set the timings for musical compositions, this is approximated.

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