The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere

This is a song about the midnight ride of Paul Revere. It is an epic movie soundtrack sounding composition. Inter dispersed through out the song are excerpts from Henry Longfellow’s poem about Paul Revere. 

The prevailing rhythm of the piece consists of hoofbeats. These crescendo into a rhythmic climax with an actual British marching beat and the sound of marching feet placed into the recording to become part of the rhythm. Cannon and gunfire are also systematically placed into the composition and become part of the overall rhythm of this piece of music. 

The timing is one again calibrated according to a multiple of 432. A frequency was placed into the subconscious underlay of this music of 864 hertz. 

In an unusual twist of fate, a strange occurrence took place during the recording of this composition. While in the process of putting this soundscape together, unusual singing voices appeared on the recording that were not placed on it by the composers. These are not to be confused with the choir voicings on this recording. These voices were a separate phenomenon. 

Once again, this recording was done in Pythagorean tuning, with precise timing done in a multiple of universal timing.


Can you hear hoofbeats on a far off horizon, clattering out in the midnight clear? In the pale moonlight there rides a lone horseman. Looks like the shadow of old Paul Revere. 

And do you hear the hoofbeats as they pass you bye? And can you hear the voice of the rider as he cries? To set you free my friend, to be the man you are. His warnings echo off the faces of the stars. 

Over the fields, and over the meadows fair. Over the ridge, and across the plain. One man rides, his brothers there to warn, that this world will never be the same. 

Your lanterns light, and baton your hatches too. Bid your sons and daughters now come near. I hear the sound of marching feet. I know the day of battle’s drawing near. It is here. 

Over the fairway, there marches an army, fighting to take your freedom from you. Rise up you brothers, and fight for your children. Tell them to be brave, should we never return. 

And can you feel the blood now coursing through your veins? And feel within your soul the light of freedoms flame. And as the canons fire from east into the west. With the voice of triumph shout give me liberty or death! 
Late last night, about the midnight hour, did you think you heard a thousand voices call?Did you feel the souls of those who died as the bells rang out from Independence Hall? 

Beneath the stars, outside the carriage house. Was it there you heard a faint and ghostly sound. There, in the fields near Philadelphia, their blood cried out from the Pennsylvania ground. They died and they believed!

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