Sacred Geometry Healing

Pythagoras and his school believed that there were certain geometrical symbols and shapes that could assist in the healing of various ailments of the body. 

It has been claimed for years that pyramids attract a beneficial energy or vibration. Many have claimed that food stays fresh in a pyramid longer than what it does outside of one. It has even been claimed that razor blades left in a pyramid for a period of time will come out sharper than what they went in. 

There are some who have speculated that geometrical designs and shapes are actually a physical representation of energy movements molded and frozen into shape. Also, that there are certain energy movements that will assist in healings for various parts of the body. 

It has been claimed that the ancient Greeks knew of a certain pattern, which if used incorrectly, could be destructive. They kept it hidden for thousands of years. However, for quite a number of years, scientists have been studying these energy patterns, and this very pattern is what was used to invent the atomic bomb. 

It has been implied that intently focusing on various shapes or symbols which are in the pattern of the movements of these various types of beneficial energies will bring about a greater possibility of healing in certain parts of the body whose energy patterns correspond with the patterns of the actual energy waves themselves. 

This is interesting because in recent years there has been an increased interest in healing various ailments of the body through sound vibrations. Each of the basic geometrical shapes are shown to correspond with different musical notes. For example, when you take the 180 degrees of a triangle, and the 360 degrees of a circle, and then convert those numbers to sound vibrations per second, you will discover that they produce notes that are octaves of one another. 

Both the sound octaves and the shape octaves are harmonics. It is believed by some, that when the brain sees these shapes, and other geometrically sound shapes, it perceives the harmonics of them and therefore sends these messages to the body and restores harmony to parts of the body that have gotten out of harmony.

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