The Lost Continent of Atlantis

The Lost Continent of Atlantis is a composition which seeks to explore the hidden secrets of a paradise lost. This mysterious land was spoken of in ancient times by such men as Plato. In later years it was echoed by such men as Sir Francis Bacon. 

As you listen to this composition, consider what implications it may hold for mankind in regards to the composition possibly being a tool in investigating the universal idea of there being a paradise lost somewhere in our ancient past. 

In this composition, consider the word “Atlantis” to be a metaphor for all of the civilizations which have vanished from the Earth. For although, many would argue that there never was a Lost continent of Atlantis, it is still a good symbolic word, easily understood, to use as a code word for all of the civilizations which have disappeared. Many of which there is film footage of from a number of different places on our planet. 

The idea of lost empires  seems to be submerged within the collective consciousness of the human race, and has been periodically  for thousands of years from people’s subconscious minds. 

This composition is done in Pythagorean tuning in 108 bpm as well.


Mighty Atlantis, beautiful and free, once she was a paradise, now she lies beneath the sea.  Her kings and her poets, her scholars and her lords, forever have been silenced and their voice is heard no more. 

Now many a sailor, who sail the ocean waves, know not that they trespass over long forgotten graves. Atlantis has vanished, now she does hide, and is found only on the pages of philosophers and scribes. 

The fleeting hours forbid us, but much we could say, of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the last days of Pompei.  Of Tyre and Sidon, Capernium too, and victims of tsunamis on days so bright and blue. 

Many days have passed us, since those days of old, but so called city of Angels, heed the omens they foretold.  You say it won't happen, though youre living over the drink, just remember the Titanic, for they said shed never sink.

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