Polar Opposite Music

Millennial/ Aquarian music by Starboard Quest is purposely designed to be the polar opposite of modern pop, rock, and alternative music. 

To begin with, it’s entire rhythm structure is different. Starboard Quest’s music eliminates backbeats. This is the polar opposite of most of the popular music of today. It’s rhythmic patterns are just the opposite of the standard beats used in rock. 

Starboard Quest music is not designed to be dance music. It is not designed so that drum beats dominate. Most of today’s music is dominated by a loud driving repetitive beat. Starboard Quest music is just the opposite. 

Within Starboard Quest music, the drums are just another instrument. They become more powerful for emphasis in certain sections. Much of modern music is characterized by having a loud repetitive hypnotic beat that continues the entire length of the song. . Not so with Starboard Quest. In Starboard Quest music you will notice changes in tempo, changes in pattern, changes in volume and intensity. There are also places in the music where percussion disappears entirely. 

There are many polar opposites in its purposes and philosophies. Where as Pop music is designed for the many, by its very nature Starboard Quest is most likely only going to be listened to by the few. 

There are actually a great many songs in our modern  world, that are designed to “bring out the animal in you”. Not so, with Starboard Quest music. Starboard Quest music seeks to do just the opposite. It seeks to bring out the contemplative higher being within you. 

Pop music is for entertainment. Starboard Quest music is for philosophy. Popular culture music is for Dancing, Millenial/ Aquarian music is for contemplation. 

Distorted instruments are one of the trademarks of modern rock music. Starboard Quest is it’s polar opposite in the fact that there are no distorted instruments used in Starboard Quest music. These are just some examples of music related polar opposites.

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